Top 4 Methods To Choose The Best Exhibition Stand Designs

To begin with, the method to choose best suited bespoke and custom exhibition stands design for individual exhibitors, we first need to know what exactly design means when it comes to exhibition stands. Many of the exhibitors assume that exhibition stand designing is basic to just choose a stand and putting some graphics on it, but it is not so. Exhibition stand design and build both are very crucial and difficult to get right. Also, both exhibition stand construction and exhibition stand designing go together hand in hand.

Before an exhibitor even chooses on the booth type whether to takes bespoke exhibition stands or custom exhibition stands, one has to consider the floor plan of the show, the lighting at the space and the arrangement of the stall. These are whereas only a part of the many components that will influence the size, look, and appearance of the exhibitor’s stall. Where picking the best location for the stall is the first and most important task to be completed before commencing onto anything else. Then after booking the location for the stall, exhibitor needs to decide on to which type of exhibition stand they want, whether they need a modular exhibition stand, custom made exhibition stands or some other kind according to the requirements and objectives best suite. Then after choosing the type of stall, the exhibitor can commence with exhibition stand construction and designing part.

Below is thus a few effective ways to pick the best suited exhibition stand design for the exhibitor :


Unmistakably having clear goals and objectives set for the exhibition are very important for organized working and a successful show. Clear objectives will enable one to strike out any stand thoughts that sometimes fall short for their present exhibition show. Also, In the event that one is planning to launch a product at the exhibition, the exhibition stand construction and designing become all the more important. In a case where the goal of the exhibitor is to launch their product at the exhibition, then they need all the other kind of designing and bespoke exhibition stands as well. Thus, it is important to set clear goals and objectives for the exhibition way before even planning to participate. With a clear set of goals and objectives, all the working, designing and even the budget handling becomes easy and sorted.


To get the best design for the exhibition stand and stall, it is important that the exhibitor have some idea of what their targeted audience is and what is the general liking of that particular group. Hence It is important to completely inquire about the taste and preferences of the intended interest group of the exhibitor as their inclinations and observations will be impacting the exhibitor display stand designs. Instead of having exhibition stand designs which are attractive in general, the exhibitor should try and focus on designs which will be able to get the targeted clients to the stall. As more the number of potential clients are there at the stall, more will be the profit and benefit of the exhibitor. Therefore, having a targeted audience taste analysis is another effective way to get the exhibition stand designed in the best possible way.


Since budget is the most important factor influencing almost all of the stall preparation, the exhibitor must plan out on the best of budget segregation. The exhibitor needs to set aside the budget to each department for effective planning and execution. Hence, budget forms the another most effective method to consider before exhibition stand design and build.


As technology now a day is taking over almost everything, even the exhibition stand construction and designing is not left unaffected. Any stall at the exhibition which is technologically up to date automatically becomes even more appealing to the visitors. Thus, getting new technology based devices installed in the custom exhibition stands is the most effective way to get the exhibition stand designed right.

Therefore, the above are some of the methods which influence the way a stand designed for the exhibition and should be considered by the exhibitor to avoid any further hurdles.

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